Sunday, 8 November 2009

KC Willis on art-e-zine

KC Willis's tea stained, distressed, torn and frayed fabric collage quilts can be seen in their full American cowgirl glory on my art website art-e-zine. Here There is also info on her workshops on how you too can make them (should you want to)

Want a bit of Ambience

When I grow up I want to mix some Deep House like this, shucks I am growd up, what happened. Maybe its not too late. I've played this Arto Mwambe mix quite a lot, deep and groovy and you don't have to pay a lot of attention, nice ambience. There are a lot of other mixes on this site, Resident Advisor, to explore. Here.
Another deep house mix can be downloaded. Here. Thats a coincidence, it's by my son Chris, it's Good.
If you wanted something a little more electro housey stuff then there is also my mix Electric Mirage. Playlist Here Play Here. (excuse my selfpromo). How nice it is for people to do mixes for free for anyone to enjoy

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

hot sunny afternoon

For a hot sunny afternoon I recommend a glass of chenin blanc served by a handsome waiter (in your dreams) preferably nicely chilled, the wine that is, and a good hard house mix by my favorite lady DJ Lisa Lashes. Which funnily enough can be downloaded here for free. Do wear protection, from the sun that is i.e. a 25-30 should do it

Saturday, 27 June 2009


So beautiful, this is my favourite, danced to this so much. I believe he is dancing with the Angels

Sunday, 21 June 2009

the sweetest perfume

Not that I haven't actually got anything to do. but what do I want to do. The sun is bringing out the old fashioned roses in the garden. I was smelling each one and they were all each and everyone perfumed uniquely. I photographed their portraits. What else can you do. They wont be here long. And they are so beautiful. I want to keep them all. I was listening to this music, see below, a very deep deep chill--nice. And made my roses into polaroids (digitally--as you do, well I like to ). I put them (the rest of them) in my photo album. All saved. The sun is nice, the music is nice the roses look and smell nice.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Deeper than Deep

I'm not biased or anything, but this is my son i'm talkingabout. I've listened to this mix a few times and today I was just in the right mood to listen again (ie right relaxed and procrastinatory against anything remotely confused with work (and btw I dont work (in the real sense (as is so often pointed out to me) But I suddenly discovered this was an exceedingly goooood mix. In fact I would say pure genius. Its actually a magical mystery trip, down, deep down through a tunnel of those sort of sounds you dont normally hear. Very outside yet unnervingly inside the box. You might need special ears (and defo headset) to appreciate the depth. It took me several listens (often passing over my head) to grip its beauty. but today, bingo. I want to hear more of these sounds---so common Chris my son, get that replacement laptop (he left his MacBook in a Cafe --typical ) and do what your good at, oh my music Guru of the Deep and semi Deep Chill Ambient Mixes.  20000 Legues Under the Sea Deep Mix
Not as Deep but maybe just as enjoyable and certainly good for cutting teeth is his Softcore Ambient Chill Mix.
You'll need approx 60 mins for each and a meditational openness for the best experience. Imo

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Collaged music video

wow here's a music video made with our paper collage techniques from Passion Pit, very jealous

Friday, 20 March 2009

Made to Enjoy

This is not religion. Its about You, knowing who you are and why You are.
I've been into this for (actually am not giving my age away --but for a very long time:)and I can honestyly say this is really something you should look into.
There is acually a whole other universe inside yourself, you just have to tune into it. Our minds have become so used to concentrating on the external world. You have to readjust your sensitivity to that which is so delicate and yet so powerful within your heart. Prem Rawat can show you the way like he did me.
There are many more videos you can watch on youtube and there are more links to the left of my blog

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Put Youtube videos, pictures and music on your ipod

If you fancied having some Youtube videos on your ipod for instance or maybe just on your desktop, its as easy as (think of something easy) that. Here is a piece of software download it, click to open, put in your apps, and open the prog. Put in the url of want you want to copy, specify what format you would like ie for ipod/ windows/ mpg4 or just the audio (useful). In its preferences you can specify it to save to your desktop. Start the engine and when finished drag the video into your ipod movies.
Another tip if you dont know it already, I found useful (for the mac) If you want some photos off the web to put on your ipod or anywhere else for that matter, just drag the picture from the web onto your desktop. If you would like just a selected part of the picture (useful) use command +shift+ 4. Drag the resulting crosshair across the picture where you want to copy. You will find it on your desktop. Drag the picture into your ipod photos. I didnt know life could be that easy
Oh and thinking about it, if you want some cool/nice/interesting (whatever) music on your ipod (+anywhere else) you can go to my mixes at the bottom, click on 'go to this podcast', download it and drag into your ipod playlist. You can also (if you want the album cover artwork I did) for windows, right click, save as, for mac just drag the art, onto your desktop. while in your ipod, right click and get info. Click on Artwork, Add, then drag the relevant artwork for that mix into the box. You now have the bona fide art. And I worked all that out by myself. Oh I'm sooo clever :). Anyway I hope you enjoy this music, and find some new genres you love like I did. btw if you dont have an ipod......get one, great for doing the housework with or just having me time (which is the best time)

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Brighton Sunny Afternoon 230209

Sunny February afternoon in Brighton UK. Random Photos. Ektachrome and Hasselblad frames. Was very interested in capturing the winter sunlight.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Electro Magnetic Dance

Just made a new mix of beaty electro/trancy Dance music, Electro Magnetic. Just love the tracks I found for this. Good on headphones, take 60mins off and transport yourself. I seemed to have used up
           all the free space on Podmatic, so will see if I get any donations to allow me to get some more, I
           may even improve, but I'm certainly addicted. Have discovered music I'd not normally hear and
           will certainly not hear on the radio. If you have itunes you can have my mixes delivered to your
           laptop/computer automatically, how cool is that.
           Click on album cover to go there. Leave me a message if you feel like it :)
           btw. These music mixes let you hear artists' work and if you like them just copy/paste their name
           from the playlist into Google for where to buy/ hear more. There is so much fabulous music out

Fabric Mix

If you haven't heard Justice's album 'Cross' then you should, as its very powerful and inspiring. A very different sound to this is their Fabric mix, with a load of beautiful songs. They gave it away for free (Thank You ) and you can listen here

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

instant polaroid maker

WoW I love Polaroids, I have 2 working vintage ones lol, but the film is 2 dear, is that really how you spell that, well I found this cool digi app yesterday. free. You just drag your pic onto it, it ejects the polaroid and while waiting for the development you can shake it to get the different retro colour variations. One I did earlier (my daughter) It does high res so its good for printing out. Easy to download Win/Mac, free (but a donation is welcome). Click on machine to left for the homepage. Apparently Polaroid will stop making their cameras next year. Go to the Save the Polaroid, site Flickr group and contest. But if they do/dont you can make your own, on your computer.

Monday, 2 February 2009

mix magic

If any one was wondering what /if I'm doing any thing on art-e-zine, it is on a back burner in my head and hurting a bit. I was having a bit of a coffee break from it. Playing about with a few new things that interest me, like creating a blog (not good at writing, read blog), and other new challenges. One of which is seeing if I could do a few mixes (music ones ) which I have. With a bit of practice they are improving (a bit) I'm only doing what original DJ's did ie put a record on, as opposed to mixing up several tracks together with the crossfading and effects to make unique music--have tried this and think I'll leave that to the pros (although it is fun and I can make some very weird sounds rotfl) I love tracking down music I like, and finding new sounds that I hadn't heard before, I've discovered so much great music. Its a way of opening your mind. Then putting them in a meaningful order. In Garage Band, yes so simple. Anyway when someone is offering you 15 GB per month free to upload whatever you please, how can you refuse . So I have. Here is my most recent one, hope you enjoy it as much as I did putting it together. Leave comments for me. Oh and you have to plug in some headphones or stereo speakers

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Feel what I'm Feelin

Headphones essential. Music video for the Chemical Brothers song "Star Guitar", directed by Michel Gondry.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Its a New Day

Although in the UK, I'm very excited about the new President and have followed closely. Love this poster by Shepard Fairey. The limited edition prints go on sale Friday 1/23 at 11am PST (1 per household :) here
Other Shepard inaugural art can be bought here. Its fabulous that a former street artist has risen to such a collectible status, like our own Banksy. If we keep following our dreams we will find success
Here's a video of Shepard talking about his Character Approved Award

Wallpapering your Mobile

I dont mean collageing and wallpapering your phone externally although you could, people do do that. I mean digitally wallpapering its inside. Customizing your phone is fun and easy. If you have a Bluetooth computer and phone. There are other ways to get wallpapers on your phone, data cable link between the two or by finding a site that will send your phone a wallpaper (and ringtones) for $4.95 or whatever they charge, that's per week until you tell them to stop, (thats what I found, when researching this) Well you can choose from my collection for free and download what you want. Just Click on the link to the left, takes you to the Picasa album. Right click and 'save as' to your computer file. Find your Bluetooth in preferences (you need to have enabled your devices)Click Send File, select file to send, then send to your phone. Move to the memory card. You can set the image as your wallpaper.
About the images, the first 10 are from photos I took at Shepard Fairey's art exhibition in London last year. Close ups of parts of his stencilled collages. The rest are designed by me in Photoshop using brushes, effects and ephemera. all resized for 205x268 pixels or 3x4 ins which fit my screen size. If you have different sized phone screen it may crop the image or resize it depending on its software.
Ringtones, I've got that covered too, just scroll down. Will be adding some more of these

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Love to Laugh. And Happy for Big O

Usually i laugh at a joke or something I'm thinking, but recently I suddenly find myself falling about laughing for absolutely no reason whatsoever. My daughter would have a word for this. But I don't care I love it and would wish it on anyone. Dont stop til you get enough.
Now back to this HTML buisness.
Spent last evening on my quest see previous P. It didnt work out so didnt publish it. Then thought why just write about successes, got to show the bad bits as well, so you can see the problems (as if you really care) And as I have no idea why I'm doing this, why not. So here's how the new player (which they said would work on a blog and looked very straight forward, nice and small and would go in the body of type--my 2 requirements ) looks. (Actually all disappeared now and its all gobbledygook) Actaually that dont look to bad now. But when you put 2 players together there is a big gap. Anyway here is the simple code. You put the url of where your music is (this is another bit to work out. Let me know if you want to know how to do this in the comments) between the " mp3"
Watching the inauguration while working on the laptop, the web ringtone player started playing for some reason. I checked the many open windows to see how and why. Later on my Hubby said he'd phoned me, I have the phone right here on the table
Now take me away

Monday, 19 January 2009

html headaches

WHY IS IT THAT WHENEVR YOU SIT DOWN TO WRITE SOMETHING YOUR MIND GOES BLANK YET WHEN I'M TRYING TO GO TO SLEEP I Come up with the perfect thing and why do I keep pressing the caps lock. Anyway Im trying to get around to creating some arty wallpapers for mobile phones. I think I can put them in a picasa album for you to download to your computer then you can bluetooth them to your phone (if you wanted to,) Its a technological challenge i'm setting myself. I haven't yet finished the previous one I set myself of finding and embedding a neat music player that goes in the main body of type (so much html to navigate in my head it started to hurt ) I did manage some that go on the bottom of the blog page, but they look a bit clunky. These play the ringtones I uploaded for you in the previous post (should you be interested) again a techy challenge for myself.
Blogs are very different from websites, the programme I have to do mine ( art-e-zine ) is a breeze, no html needed, so this is a learning curve, which is taking its time.
Also I'm not happy with the backtofrontness of blogs. The first post should be at the top, so it follows on and makes sense. But hey ho, I'm standing on my head upside down anyway

Monday, 12 January 2009

Ring Tone Girl

Making my own ring tones Just looking for a place to host them then I can share them with you. Just basically wasting my time checking out how to do this blog
Ahh here it is (also added a player with it on below, wonders of modern science) (Science left the room)
Just right click on arrow end of player and save as source.
back button to return here
This ringtone is a bit of The Avalanches "Little Journey" mp3
Your phone has to be able to use mp3s If you have Bluetooth you can send it to your phone, and add it to your files.
I just bought a 2gig memory card for £3  so I will be able to have lots of ringtones and wallpapers and music and photos and videos oh the excitement of it all. Now all I need is for someone to ring me.
Tomorrow I'll do a wallpaper. I have a great Shepard Fairey on my phone. I feel the phone is MINE now. Feel the phone.
I made these ringtones for my phone. Great fun. You can go to download them by clicking on these links
(These ones actually work but no cute player)
ringtone3: The Avalanches: Parrot Scratching
ringtone2:The Avalanches: Two hearts in 3/4 time sample

ringtone1: The Avalanches: little journey sample
ringtone the Avalanches.mp3