Monday, January 19, 2009

html headaches

WHY IS IT THAT WHENEVR YOU SIT DOWN TO WRITE SOMETHING YOUR MIND GOES BLANK YET WHEN I'M TRYING TO GO TO SLEEP I Come up with the perfect thing and why do I keep pressing the caps lock. Anyway Im trying to get around to creating some arty wallpapers for mobile phones. I think I can put them in a picasa album for you to download to your computer then you can bluetooth them to your phone (if you wanted to,) Its a technological challenge i'm setting myself. I haven't yet finished the previous one I set myself of finding and embedding a neat music player that goes in the main body of type (so much html to navigate in my head it started to hurt ) I did manage some that go on the bottom of the blog page, but they look a bit clunky. These play the ringtones I uploaded for you in the previous post (should you be interested) again a techy challenge for myself.
Blogs are very different from websites, the programme I have to do mine ( art-e-zine ) is a breeze, no html needed, so this is a learning curve, which is taking its time.
Also I'm not happy with the backtofrontness of blogs. The first post should be at the top, so it follows on and makes sense. But hey ho, I'm standing on my head upside down anyway

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