Wednesday, 4 February 2009

instant polaroid maker

WoW I love Polaroids, I have 2 working vintage ones lol, but the film is 2 dear, is that really how you spell that, well I found this cool digi app yesterday. free. You just drag your pic onto it, it ejects the polaroid and while waiting for the development you can shake it to get the different retro colour variations. One I did earlier (my daughter) It does high res so its good for printing out. Easy to download Win/Mac, free (but a donation is welcome). Click on machine to left for the homepage. Apparently Polaroid will stop making their cameras next year. Go to the Save the Polaroid, site Flickr group and contest. But if they do/dont you can make your own, on your computer.

Monday, 2 February 2009

mix magic

If any one was wondering what /if I'm doing any thing on art-e-zine, it is on a back burner in my head and hurting a bit. I was having a bit of a coffee break from it. Playing about with a few new things that interest me, like creating a blog (not good at writing, read blog), and other new challenges. One of which is seeing if I could do a few mixes (music ones ) which I have. With a bit of practice they are improving (a bit) I'm only doing what original DJ's did ie put a record on, as opposed to mixing up several tracks together with the crossfading and effects to make unique music--have tried this and think I'll leave that to the pros (although it is fun and I can make some very weird sounds rotfl) I love tracking down music I like, and finding new sounds that I hadn't heard before, I've discovered so much great music. Its a way of opening your mind. Then putting them in a meaningful order. In Garage Band, yes so simple. Anyway when someone is offering you 15 GB per month free to upload whatever you please, how can you refuse . So I have. Here is my most recent one, hope you enjoy it as much as I did putting it together. Leave comments for me. Oh and you have to plug in some headphones or stereo speakers