Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Columbia Rd. Flower Market

Columbia Road Flower Market in the East End of London, nearish to Brick Lane and Spitalfields. One of my favourite inspiring places, full of flowers, plants, people and street musicians. Lots of small interesting boutiques selling handmade craft, arty and vintage garden shops alongside the flower stalls. Coffee shop bars restaurants as well. An amazing place to spend your time on a Sunday morning and get cheap stuff for your garden. Can be quite crowded. A side turning into Ezra St, is worth a look and find Lili Vanilli who makes the freshest donuts and fudge brownies, if you missed breakfast. I was just snapping pics with my Lumix. More info here Here are some more photos from another visit (more plants for the garden)taken with Hipstamatic. Showing some stuff from the interesting boutiques and arty shops <

Friday, 29 June 2012

Danny Byrd

Danny Byrd, drum n bass legend shares his production methods. I will be sticking to art.
Production tips with Danny Byrd from Hospital Records on Vimeo.
so fascinating how you can play with sound, here's more from Danny Byrd's production diary

Friday, 20 April 2012

pogo transfers

I shall be doing this when my Pogo arrives in the post.
Check out the page on art-e-zine about it. Looks exciting, a continuation of Polaroid Transfers, which I never got to grips with, maybe I'll be luckier this time