Thursday, 22 January 2009

Its a New Day

Although in the UK, I'm very excited about the new President and have followed closely. Love this poster by Shepard Fairey. The limited edition prints go on sale Friday 1/23 at 11am PST (1 per household :) here
Other Shepard inaugural art can be bought here. Its fabulous that a former street artist has risen to such a collectible status, like our own Banksy. If we keep following our dreams we will find success
Here's a video of Shepard talking about his Character Approved Award

Wallpapering your Mobile

I dont mean collageing and wallpapering your phone externally although you could, people do do that. I mean digitally wallpapering its inside. Customizing your phone is fun and easy. If you have a Bluetooth computer and phone. There are other ways to get wallpapers on your phone, data cable link between the two or by finding a site that will send your phone a wallpaper (and ringtones) for $4.95 or whatever they charge, that's per week until you tell them to stop, (thats what I found, when researching this) Well you can choose from my collection for free and download what you want. Just Click on the link to the left, takes you to the Picasa album. Right click and 'save as' to your computer file. Find your Bluetooth in preferences (you need to have enabled your devices)Click Send File, select file to send, then send to your phone. Move to the memory card. You can set the image as your wallpaper.
About the images, the first 10 are from photos I took at Shepard Fairey's art exhibition in London last year. Close ups of parts of his stencilled collages. The rest are designed by me in Photoshop using brushes, effects and ephemera. all resized for 205x268 pixels or 3x4 ins which fit my screen size. If you have different sized phone screen it may crop the image or resize it depending on its software.
Ringtones, I've got that covered too, just scroll down. Will be adding some more of these

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Love to Laugh. And Happy for Big O

Usually i laugh at a joke or something I'm thinking, but recently I suddenly find myself falling about laughing for absolutely no reason whatsoever. My daughter would have a word for this. But I don't care I love it and would wish it on anyone. Dont stop til you get enough.
Now back to this HTML buisness.
Spent last evening on my quest see previous P. It didnt work out so didnt publish it. Then thought why just write about successes, got to show the bad bits as well, so you can see the problems (as if you really care) And as I have no idea why I'm doing this, why not. So here's how the new player (which they said would work on a blog and looked very straight forward, nice and small and would go in the body of type--my 2 requirements ) looks. (Actually all disappeared now and its all gobbledygook) Actaually that dont look to bad now. But when you put 2 players together there is a big gap. Anyway here is the simple code. You put the url of where your music is (this is another bit to work out. Let me know if you want to know how to do this in the comments) between the " mp3"
Watching the inauguration while working on the laptop, the web ringtone player started playing for some reason. I checked the many open windows to see how and why. Later on my Hubby said he'd phoned me, I have the phone right here on the table
Now take me away

Monday, 19 January 2009

html headaches

WHY IS IT THAT WHENEVR YOU SIT DOWN TO WRITE SOMETHING YOUR MIND GOES BLANK YET WHEN I'M TRYING TO GO TO SLEEP I Come up with the perfect thing and why do I keep pressing the caps lock. Anyway Im trying to get around to creating some arty wallpapers for mobile phones. I think I can put them in a picasa album for you to download to your computer then you can bluetooth them to your phone (if you wanted to,) Its a technological challenge i'm setting myself. I haven't yet finished the previous one I set myself of finding and embedding a neat music player that goes in the main body of type (so much html to navigate in my head it started to hurt ) I did manage some that go on the bottom of the blog page, but they look a bit clunky. These play the ringtones I uploaded for you in the previous post (should you be interested) again a techy challenge for myself.
Blogs are very different from websites, the programme I have to do mine ( art-e-zine ) is a breeze, no html needed, so this is a learning curve, which is taking its time.
Also I'm not happy with the backtofrontness of blogs. The first post should be at the top, so it follows on and makes sense. But hey ho, I'm standing on my head upside down anyway