Wednesday, November 9, 2016

British Library exhibition punk london 2oct 2016 slideshow

excuse blurred photos (no photography allowed so had to be quick a & surupticious) /glare on glass/ my shadow.
Includes zines, posters, album/ ep/ covers and photos. More info HERE. Mainly interested in the typography and design as there was none, good to try to freeup myself from graphic art training. Love the bad printing also. Anyway somewhat visually liberating. Not saying much for the music though. British Library is a great place to visit.
oh and click the right arrow. Just a simple flickrslideshow, (how to info on html5/iframe slideshow further down post)

Friday, October 4, 2013

flicker html5/ iframe slideshow

(updated nov 17 2016). happy to say I found this iframe code here, it works  on a flickr album. This code works on the ipad. A simple free solution for your blog or website

another test

another test this time using a small set from flickr with slide my pics.  It works well and viewable on iPad. The flickr slideshows which are very good, don't at the moment work with mobile devices. Its about time they got it together. Anyway this one is good for now

non flashy slideshow for iPad

Have been browsing around to find a solution for the iPad and viewing non Flash slideshows on it, would have thought it easy by now, but lots of problems were found instead. Visual Slideshow seemed as if it would work, but wouldn't connect to Photobucket where the photos were. This one by is very easy to use, but the photos are not very big, with a lot of space around them. Not very elegant. I be looking out for something better. If anyone has a good solution lmk. These hipstamatic pics were taken at The Social music festival, using Salvador 84,Lens/Sugar Film, slightly weird. But am mainly searching for a good code.

Friday, September 20, 2013

testing Vintage Images with photobucket slide show on blog and ipad

iPad 2 (6.1.3) doesn't work with this slideshow from photobucket (update 2016 using flickr and new iframe code here's a vintage image slideshow that works on the ipad.
If you want some more vintage images I have loads on art-e-zine HERE . All free for use in your artwork. And there are themed vintage collections HERE   for a small donation (to help pay for web host) greatly appreciated