Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Electro Magnetic Dance

Just made a new mix of beaty electro/trancy Dance music, Electro Magnetic. Just love the tracks I found for this. Good on headphones, take 60mins off and transport yourself. I seemed to have used up
           all the free space on Podmatic, so will see if I get any donations to allow me to get some more, I
           may even improve, but I'm certainly addicted. Have discovered music I'd not normally hear and
           will certainly not hear on the radio. If you have itunes you can have my mixes delivered to your
           laptop/computer automatically, how cool is that.
           Click on album cover to go there. Leave me a message if you feel like it :)
           btw. These music mixes let you hear artists' work and if you like them just copy/paste their name
           from the playlist into Google for where to buy/ hear more. There is so much fabulous music out

Fabric Mix

If you haven't heard Justice's album 'Cross' then you should, as its very powerful and inspiring. A very different sound to this is their Fabric mix, with a load of beautiful songs. They gave it away for free (Thank You ) and you can listen here