Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Deeper than Deep

I'm not biased or anything, but this is my son i'm talkingabout. I've listened to this mix a few times and today I was just in the right mood to listen again (ie right relaxed and procrastinatory against anything remotely confused with work (and btw I dont work (in the real sense (as is so often pointed out to me) But I suddenly discovered this was an exceedingly goooood mix. In fact I would say pure genius. Its actually a magical mystery trip, down, deep down through a tunnel of those sort of sounds you dont normally hear. Very outside yet unnervingly inside the box. You might need special ears (and defo headset) to appreciate the depth. It took me several listens (often passing over my head) to grip its beauty. but today, bingo. I want to hear more of these sounds---so common Chris my son, get that replacement laptop (he left his MacBook in a Cafe --typical ) and do what your good at, oh my music Guru of the Deep and semi Deep Chill Ambient Mixes.  20000 Legues Under the Sea Deep Mix
Not as Deep but maybe just as enjoyable and certainly good for cutting teeth is his Softcore Ambient Chill Mix.
You'll need approx 60 mins for each and a meditational openness for the best experience. Imo