Friday, 26 November 2010

Japanese holographic pop star

Miku Hatsune
Miku has her own facebook page yay

add your art to music video

The Johnny Cash Project.
This music video is being created by anyone who wants to participate. You are given a frame to work on, online, with tools and in black and white, tracing over the original in your own artistic way. The result is an amazing texture video animation. Each frame can be stopped and details of who did it with a time lapse drawing session, so you can see how they did it. I'm waiting to hear if mine is accepted, although it isn't particularly wonderful. Takes a while to work from white down to black, getting the tones right. And if you don't have a Wacom, I think it would be quite difficult to do with a mouse. Anyhow, some of the drawings are very simple and I prefer these, I do tend to over complicate things. Give it a go, and be part of this amazing video

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Photo Booth on your phone

Yea if you dont have iphone/pod 4 you can get Photomaton lite. Cool Black and white retro photo booth like strips. Just type it in the itunes apps store . Its free. But you do need an iphone :(

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

in my studio Hipstamatic slide show

Just mucking about with the iphone app Hipstamatic which simulates a toy camera (a very expensive one) snaping random things around my studio, playing with lenses, films,flashes, of which there are many. Love the colour effects. (updated for ipad nov 2016 using this tutorial) HERE ( )

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Hipstamatic at Sissinghurst

My theory is if you shoot enough photos you're bound to get one decent one. Not sure which one that is, but hopeful got some of the atmosphere of the charming place that Vita created