Friday, 20 September 2013

testing Vintage Images with photobucket slide show on blog and ipad

iPad 2 (6.1.3) doesn't work with this slideshow from photobucket (update 2016 using flickr and new iframe code here's a vintage image slideshow that works on the ipad.
If you want some more vintage images I have loads on art-e-zine HERE . All free for use in your artwork. And there are themed vintage collections HERE   for a small donation (to help pay for web host) greatly appreciated

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

iPad Flash Browser. See what your missing

Missing stuff on your iPad?. Annoyingly bits go missing, no flash players, pages not displaying as they should. Well I get round it with a great app. Its a flash browser app for the
 iPad. Like Safari only you get to see everything as it should be. Photon. Easy to use.
 Check it out here

fixing broken things

I've been finding slideshows missing off of art-e-zine (mainly due to defunct photo sites, a real pain) and fixing them up. (at last) Here's one I did last night, the rest of the article  Trash inda House Book is here. free slideshow by PhotoSnack with watermark.