Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Love to Laugh. And Happy for Big O

Usually i laugh at a joke or something I'm thinking, but recently I suddenly find myself falling about laughing for absolutely no reason whatsoever. My daughter would have a word for this. But I don't care I love it and would wish it on anyone. Dont stop til you get enough.
Now back to this HTML buisness.
Spent last evening on my quest see previous P. It didnt work out so didnt publish it. Then thought why just write about successes, got to show the bad bits as well, so you can see the problems (as if you really care) And as I have no idea why I'm doing this, why not. So here's how the new player (which they said would work on a blog and looked very straight forward, nice and small and would go in the body of type--my 2 requirements ) looks. (Actually all disappeared now and its all gobbledygook) Actaually that dont look to bad now. But when you put 2 players together there is a big gap. Anyway here is the simple code. You put the url of where your music is (this is another bit to work out. Let me know if you want to know how to do this in the comments) between the " mp3"
Watching the inauguration while working on the laptop, the web ringtone player started playing for some reason. I checked the many open windows to see how and why. Later on my Hubby said he'd phoned me, I have the phone right here on the table
Now take me away

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Catherine said...

wasn't it wonderful today? I can't stop either!