Monday, February 2, 2009

mix magic

If any one was wondering what /if I'm doing any thing on art-e-zine, it is on a back burner in my head and hurting a bit. I was having a bit of a coffee break from it. Playing about with a few new things that interest me, like creating a blog (not good at writing, read blog), and other new challenges. One of which is seeing if I could do a few mixes (music ones ) which I have. With a bit of practice they are improving (a bit) I'm only doing what original DJ's did ie put a record on, as opposed to mixing up several tracks together with the crossfading and effects to make unique music--have tried this and think I'll leave that to the pros (although it is fun and I can make some very weird sounds rotfl) I love tracking down music I like, and finding new sounds that I hadn't heard before, I've discovered so much great music. Its a way of opening your mind. Then putting them in a meaningful order. In Garage Band, yes so simple. Anyway when someone is offering you 15 GB per month free to upload whatever you please, how can you refuse . So I have. Here is my most recent one, hope you enjoy it as much as I did putting it together. Leave comments for me. Oh and you have to plug in some headphones or stereo speakers

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