Monday, 12 January 2009

Ring Tone Girl

Making my own ring tones Just looking for a place to host them then I can share them with you. Just basically wasting my time checking out how to do this blog
Ahh here it is (also added a player with it on below, wonders of modern science) (Science left the room)
Just right click on arrow end of player and save as source.
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This ringtone is a bit of The Avalanches "Little Journey" mp3
Your phone has to be able to use mp3s If you have Bluetooth you can send it to your phone, and add it to your files.
I just bought a 2gig memory card for £3  so I will be able to have lots of ringtones and wallpapers and music and photos and videos oh the excitement of it all. Now all I need is for someone to ring me.
Tomorrow I'll do a wallpaper. I have a great Shepard Fairey on my phone. I feel the phone is MINE now. Feel the phone.
I made these ringtones for my phone. Great fun. You can go to download them by clicking on these links
(These ones actually work but no cute player)
ringtone3: The Avalanches: Parrot Scratching
ringtone2:The Avalanches: Two hearts in 3/4 time sample

ringtone1: The Avalanches: little journey sample
ringtone the Avalanches.mp3

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Mel said...

LMAO G your are too funny!